Litepaper ForuAI

Litepaper ForuAI

1. Overview: ForuAI Protocol

As we continue to neglect our data, with each passing day, its value is increasingly usurped by large corporations that exploit it for free.

ForuAI is pioneering a transformative approach to Decentralised identity(DiD) and data monetization by empowering users with unprecedented control over their personal data.

ForuAI offers users the solution to give the autonomy to choose what data they store, shifting control from large corporations to a secure user-driven environment. Users are immediately rewarded in the form of tokens. Our aim is to empower users to dictate the handling of their data, with the added benefit of personalized services tailored to their preferences, opening up a whole new digital experience.

Combining blockchain technology, advanced AI systems, and SSO, ForuAI ensures data security. Never before has a project tackled this global challenge of user data privacy (across web 2 & 3) on such a scale.

This litepaper outlines ForuAI's vision, technological foundation, strategic roadmap, and detailed tokenomics, highlighting our unique solution to reshaping the digital landscape with user empowerment at its core.

Foreword by Founder

"As the former CEO and founder of Indonesia's largest digital exchange, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of technology. Yet, with this convenience comes a profound responsibility—especially concerning data privacy and security. This issue transcends borders; it's a global concern that impacts us all. At ForuAI, we're not just creating a platform; we're championing a movement to ensure that individuals retain control over their personal data and are rightfully compensated for its use. Our commitment is rooted in the principles of Consent, Credit, and Compensation.

We recognize that there is no use hoping for people to sign up for highly invasive or niche verification systems. We must meet them where they are and develop systems that ensure real-world use cases. This is about integrating ethical practices into everyday digital interactions to create a viable, user-friendly platform that serves genuine needs. We invite you to join us in this critical mission—because the integrity of our digital futures starts with us. By making AI accessible to all, we can make sure no one gets left behind in this AI war."

- Kai (Ex-Founder/CEO of Tokocrypto & TKO)

2. The ForuAI Future

Before FORU AI

After ForuAI

Users are limited to logging to apps and websites with Facebook/ Google Oauth Logins.

Login with ForuAI. Consent to the data you share, be rewarded with a personalised user experience, and compensated in Foru Tokens.

Profits from data go to large corporations.

Users earn directly from sharing their data.

Data privacy is often compromised.

Enhanced privacy with blockchain-secured data transactions.

Little to no incentives for users to share data.

Users rewarded with Foru tokens.

Generic data usage without personal customization.

Tailored AI applications using user-consented data.

Undifferentiated Market focus, western-centric.

Focused on SEA with clear plan for global expansion.

Hard and complicated process to sell data.

Easy on one single platform.

“Data privacy will evolve into data ownership rights in 2024.”

The global Consumer Data Platform Market size is projected to grow from $5.1 billion in 2023 and $7.4 billion in 2024 to $28.2 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 39.9% during the forecast period (2024-2028)[1]

Currently, there are two extremes of data management which are not optimal. On one hand, we leave our data to Big Tech and let them exploit our data for free. On the other hand, we need to live like a recluse to refuse any website that tracks our cookies.

What if there is an option in between that empowers the user with Data Compensation, Proof of humanity, and Hyper Personalisation?

Introducing Foruai: The AI Driven DID that Empowers Data Ownership through Data compensation, Hyper Personalisation, & Proof of Humanity

Data Compensation

Driving rapid adoption with unprecedented data empowerment 100% Control Over Your Data. Read more on Section 5.6.

Hyper Personalisation - (Sentiment of U)

Plugging your data(Sentiment of U) into your favourite apps/dapps, 100% suited to you from the get-go. More on Sention 5.1.

Proof Of Humanity

Targeting an ambitious goal of 1 million registered user 100% Human, No bots allowed. More on Section 5.2.

Strategic Technological Advancements across both web2 and web3 platforms

Our proprietary AI algorithms enable personalized experiences across both web2 and web3 platforms, making ForuAI a versatile solution for a wide range of applications, from e-commerce personalization to decentralized finance.

Innovative OAuth Login System

ForuAI is set to introduce a revolutionary OAuth login system, allowing users to freely log into various apps and websites while enjoying the monetization of their data. Imagine this, the next time you log into every app or website, no need to log in using a Google or Facebook account, just log in via your Foru account. This not only simplifies access but makes it easy for you to be compensated for the data your provide. User experience is also enhanced by offering customized screens, personalized recommendations, and even targeted ads that align with your interests without compromising your security. You can consent to contribute your data but also gain tangible benefits from its use, fostering a more engaged and satisfied user base.

Future Projections and Goals

With a goal to engage over a billion users by 2030, ForuAI is dedicated to scaling operations and continuously innovating in AI-driven applications. Our roadmap includes substantial platform enhancements and expanded token utility features, reinforcing ForuAI’s leadership in Decentralised identity and data management.

By leveraging our solid foundation and forward-thinking initiatives, ForuAI is uniquely positioned to lead a digital revolution, where data empowerment and personalization enhance every interaction in the digital sphere.

3. Proposed Roadmap

4. Blockchain Architecture

Built upon a secure and scalable blockchain, ForuAI leverages cryptographic techniques, to ensure network security and data privacy.

At its core is the ForuAI Identity Protocol, a consensus mechanism that validates and manages Decentralised identities securely. The architecture is modular, allowing for seamless integration of Layer 3 solutions and alternative virtual machines to support diverse use cases and applications.

Additionally, interoperability is a key feature, enabling seamless connectivity with other blockchain networks for enhanced functionality and broader adoption.

4.1 Tokenomics and Ecosystem of ForuAI

The ForuAI platform integrates a token-centric economic model that is foundational to its operation and growth. The native token, FORU, serves multiple functions within the ecosystem: it acts as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a tool for governance. This multifaceted utility ensures that stakeholders are aligned and incentivized towards the collective success of the platform.

Token Utility

Transactional Utility: FORU tokens are used for transactions within the ForuAI ecosystem, including but not limited to payment for services, access to premium features, and remuneration for data sharing. This usage underpins the demand for tokens as the ecosystem scales and diversifies its service offerings.

Incentive Mechanism: Users earn FORU tokens by contributing their data in a privacy-preserving manner. This incentivizes active participation and ongoing contribution to the platform, aligning user activities with ecosystem growth.

Governance: FORU token holders have the right to participate in governance decisions through a decentralized voting mechanism. This includes decisions on feature developments, token supply adjustments, and strategic direction, ensuring a democratic and user-centric governance model.

Governance Structure

The governance framework of ForuAI employs a decentralized model, where token holders wield significant influence over the direction and policies of the platform. Governance actions are facilitated through proposals and voting mechanisms, where:

Proposal Submission: Any token holder can submit proposals for consideration by the community, provided they hold a minimum threshold of tokens.

Voting Process: Decisions are made through a transparent voting process where the number of tokens directly corresponds to voting power.

Implementation: Upon successful voting, proposals are implemented by the core team, with oversight from the community to ensure adherence to the agreed-upon directives.

Economic Sustainability

The economic model of ForuAI is crafted to support growth while maintaining stability. The token supply is capped, which mitigates inflationary pressures and preserves value. Transaction fees within the platform are redistributed to support ongoing operations, fund new development, and reward users and stakeholders, creating a self-sustaining economic cycle.

5. The ForuAI Solution

No more fancy machines for scanning retinas or palms.

Users securely connect their social media, transaction history, and browsing data under strict consent protocols, verified by AI. They are given real world incentives to share their data with FORU token, promoting active and ongoing participation.

5.1 Sentiment of U - We build digital avatars of people.

Introduction to the Sentiment of U

ForuAI introduces "The Sentiment of U," a groundbreaking approach to creating detailed digital profiles using AI with user-consented diverse data points. This innovative method stores personalized data in the Foru DiD, ensuring both depth and accuracy in capturing the essence of each user.

Data Points Collected

The Sentiment of U gathers information from a variety of sources including detailed transaction histories, social media behaviors, close personal connections, calendar data, and app interactions. By integrating these diverse data points, ForuAI achieves a multi-dimensional view of each user's digital footprint. This approach offers unparalleled transparency and control, allowing users to manage their digital identities with precision and confidence.

Use Cases for "The Sentiment of U"

Business Customization

Businesses can leverage the Sentiment of U to customize their marketing strategies and enhance customer relationships. By understanding the detailed digital profiles of their users, companies can tailor their offerings and communication to better meet individual needs and preferences.

Trust and Transparency

The Sentiment of U promotes trust and transparency by eliminating fraudulent activities such as botting. This ensures that user interactions and data are genuine, enhancing the credibility of the platform.

User Acquisition

ForuAI drives user acquisition through a referral and rewards program. By incentivizing users to invite others, the platform grows organically while rewarding its existing user base.

Data Interoperability

The Sentiment of U facilitates data interoperability across both Web2 and Web3 environments. This includes applications in e-commerce, HR, AdTech, insurance, DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi, NFTs, and more.

Case Studies

Integration with Web2 Apps: Untukmu.AI

For Web2 partners, integrating Sentiment of U offers a unique opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty through hyper-personalized experiences. Apart from solving the Cold Start problem, it provides actionable insights into user behavior and preferences, enabling more effective marketing and customer relationship management.

User Data Input and Consent

Users provide their data with full consent, ensuring transparency and trust. They are also compensated for their data, enhancing the value proposition of participation.

Data Processing and Output

The input data is processed to generate the Sentiment of U, which is a detailed digital profile capturing the user's preferences, behaviors, and interactions.

Personalized Recommendations

Based on the Sentiment of U, the Untukmu.AI app delivers highly personalized recommendations. This includes tailored product suggestions, customized content, and user-specific offers, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Personalized Homescreens

The app also creates personalized homescreens for users, featuring content and suggestions relevant to their interests and preferences. This personalization solves the "cold start problem," providing immediate relevance and engagement for new users.

Real-World Applications

The integration of Sentiment of U into the Untukmu.AI app demonstrates the real-world applicability of hyper-personalization. This approach not only improves user experience but also provides businesses with valuable insights to refine their strategies and offerings.

Integration with Web3 Applications

For Web3 partners, the Sentiment of U offers a powerful tool to boost community engagement and retention. It provides deep insights into user preferences, enabling the creation of highly personalized and relevant content. This not only enhances the user experience but also fosters a more engaged and active community, driving growth and sustainability for Web3 projects.

Community Activation

The Sentiment of U integrates seamlessly with Web3 applications, including dApps, NFT projects, and various online communities.

Foru Account Integration

Users create a Foru account that encapsulates their Sentiment of U. This profile can then be utilized across different Web3 platforms, allowing for a consistent and personalized user experience.

Onboarding Web3 Communities

The integration process includes onboarding Web3 communities, NFT collections, GameFi projects, and meme coins. This approach helps in building a unified digital identity that spans multiple platforms and applications.

Live Community Data Analytics

With the Sentiment of U, platforms can access live community data analytics. This real-time insight enables better decision-making and more effective community management.

Personalized Generations

The integration allows for personalized content generation. For example, in NFT projects, users can receive personalized NFT recommendations or even unique NFT creations based on their digital profile.

Personalized Interface

The personalized interface adapts to each user’s preferences and behaviors, providing a tailored and engaging experience. This feature enhances user satisfaction and engagement by offering a unique, individualized interaction with the platform.

Real-World Application

The collaboration with Web3 projects demonstrates the real-world applicability of the Sentiment of U. It highlights how personalized digital identities can enhance user experiences across diverse Web3 ecosystems.

5.2 The ForuAI Verification

Verification Layers

User Verification:

This foundational layer involves the initial steps to confirm user identity through standard verification processes, which might include email verification, two-factor authentication, or mobile verification. It forms the basis upon which further verifications are layered.

Proof of Transactions:

Transactions within the ForuAI ecosystem are verified to ensure they are legitimate and secure. This includes monitoring and authenticating transaction details like the platform, amount, sender, and receiver, and ensuring they align with user activities and profiles.

Proof of Tracking Pixels:

The system employs tracking pixels to gather data on user behavior across the platform. This data helps in understanding user interactions and is crucial for personalized experiences and security measures. It ensures that user activity is consistent and legitimate.

Proof of Social:

Social verification involves analyzing user connections and activities on social media platforms. This not only helps in building a richer user profile but also in validating the authenticity of user identities through their social interactions and network.

Advanced Verification Techniques

Community Verified:

This layer in ForuAI's ecosystem utilizes the power of user community engagement to enhance security and verification processes. It allows members to provide social proof such as endorsements and reviews, aiding in the credibility of users. Additionally, this layer facilitates community support for account retrieval, enabling members to assist each other in regaining control of compromised accounts and reporting suspicious activities. This not only helps in identifying and mitigating potential threats but also enhances the overall integrity of the platform by leveraging collective intelligence and vigilance, creating a supportive and secure digital environment.

AI Verified:

AI plays a critical role in continuously analyzing user data for anomalies or patterns indicative of fraudulent behavior. AI systems can process large volumes of data in real-time, providing an ongoing assessment of user legitimacy.

Blockchain Verified:

The most secure layer involves blockchain technology, which offers a decentralized and tamper-proof system for verifying and recording transactions. This ensures that once a piece of data or a transaction is recorded, it cannot be altered retroactively, providing a high level of security and trust.

The ForuAI verification system is designed to be robust and comprehensive, utilizing a combination of traditional security measures, modern technology, and community involvement to ensure user authenticity and security. This multi-layered approach not only enhances the reliability of verifications but also helps in building a secure and trusted digital environment.

5.3 How our AI works

Data Aggregation

Our platform aggregates alot of data including user demographics, social media feeds, app usage patterns and geolocation. These diverse data points enrich our user profiles, enabling a multi-dimensional understanding for more precise targeting and customization.

Proprietary LLM Reasoning

Our proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) is at the heart of our technology, extracting meaningful user attributes, which are verified, from raw data. This sophisticated analysis allows us to discern deep insights, setting the stage for downstream tasks.

Split Model Architecture(MIT)

Split learning forms the backbone of our data privacy approach, dividing the AI's reasoning process between the user's device and the cloud. Initial data processing is kept local, converting sensitive information into a secure format.

Personalized Recommendations

The system culminates with a language-based, domain-specific recommendation engine that provides users with highly personalized services and product suggestions. The AI will continue to improve learning from subsequent user behavior.

5.4 Data interoperability across WEB2 and WEB3

Part 1: Data Collection

Part 2: Data Utilisation

ForuAI stands out by creating detailed digital profiles with user-consented diverse data points, offering transparency and control. This data includes detailed transaction histories, social media behaviors, close personal connections, calendar data, and interactions. Such depth allows Foruai to capture a multidimensional view of each user's digital footprint.

ForuAI's Decentralised identity management offers valuable user data aggregation for personalized services in both Web2 and Web3. In Web2, businesses can enhance marketing strategies, customer relationships and more. On Web3, the data opens up a realm of possibilities on decentralized applications (DAOs) and evens the same playing fields with web 2 apps.

All in all, the blockchain-based framework caters to the diverse applications across global sectors.

5.5 ForuAI Ecosystem Architecture

ForuAI's ecosystem is engineered to provide robust data management and monetization, utilizing a structured framework composed of Data Interface, Client Interface, External Integration, and Admin Interface. This architecture ensures secure, scalable, and efficient operation of Decentralised identity management.

Key Components

Data Interface: Integrates user inputs through Browser Plugins and Mobile Apps, supported by backend and AI modules to process and analyze data efficiently.

Client Interface: Facilitates user interaction via Web3 and Web2 applications, incorporating advanced GPT and Chainlink connectors for enhanced data processing and smart contract functionalities.

External Integration: Connects with external platforms like EVM-compatible blockchains and social media, supported by robust cloud storage and database systems for expansive data handling and security.

5.6 Technology and Innovation at a glance

Blockchain-Secured Data Transactions

ForuAI leverages blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and security of data transactions. This technology provides a tamper-proof system that enhances user trust and compliance with global data protection regulations.

Proprietary AI Algorithms

At the heart of ForuAI are sophisticated AI algorithms capable of providing personalized user experiences. These algorithms analyze user-consented data to offer tailored recommendations and services across various digital platforms.

OAuth Integration

ForuAI introduces an OAuth login system that allows users to seamlessly access multiple applications while controlling and monetizing their data. This feature supports customized user experiences, including personalized screens and advertisements.

Features and Benefits

User Empowerment: Users have full control over their data and can choose to monetize their information through our platform.

Customization: Personalized user experiences across digital platforms based on analyzed data.

Security: Advanced cryptographic techniques secure user data and ensure privacy.

Ease of Use: A simple, unified platform for managing Decentralised identities and data transactions.

6. Strategic Partnership and Traction

Strong E-commerce Partnerships

Our collaboration with Blibli, Indonesia’s mega e-commerce platform, has been particularly impactful, resulting in a 40% increase in user engagement through personalized AI-driven recommendations. This partnership also opens access to Blibli's 17 million active shoppers, significantly expanding our reach.

Extensive Potential User Base

Leveraging the founder’s previous success, ForuAI taps into an extensive network from Tokocrypto, which includes 5 million users familiar with digital transactions and poised to adopt new tech solutions. This existing user base provides a fertile ground for rapid growth and scaling of the ForuAI ecosystem.

Current Market Traction

Since its beta launch, ForuAI has already attracted 50,000 users and 2,000 Daily Active Users (DAU) to its platform through our first client app Untukmu.AI. This substantial early user engagement demonstrates market validation and the significant potential for expansion within our targeted regions.

7. Conclusion

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, ForuAI remains at the forefront of innovation, redefining Decentralised identity management and data monetization. Our cutting-edge blockchain technology, combined with advanced AI algorithms and a unique, community-driven verification process, positions ForuAI as a leader in a rapidly expanding market.

ForuAI is not just a technological solution. It is a movement towards a more secure, transparent, and user-empowered digital world. Our platform addresses critical issues of data privacy and user control, while also offering users the opportunity to benefit financially from their data contributions. With a robust ecosystem designed for scalability and adaptability, ForuAI is well-equipped to meet the growing demands of Decentralised identity management and democratising AI.

Call to Action

We invite innovators, developers, businesses, and users who share our vision of a decentralized and user-centric digital future to join us. Whether you are looking to integrate ForuAI into your business, develop on our platform, or simply take control of your Decentralised identity, we offer the tools and support you need to succeed.

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